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Foreign Object Damage (FOD) can be an expensive accident for any mechanic. Often times the damage isn’t limited to the vehicle, tools and workers are often harmed as well. Reduce FOD by creating a safe, non-slick surface to work on.


Aircraft mechanics waste time fetching tools down a ladder or from inside the plane and often require a second person to assist them.  Save maintenance time with the GrypMat and store your tools securely within arms reach.


The surfaces we work on can be curved, angular, or slick, giving tools plenty of opportunity to get away.  Sliding or falling tools create a hazard for both personnel and equipment.  Give your tools a safe and secure home with the GrypMat.


No more worrying about tools sliding out of reach, The GrypMat is made from high quality polymers, making it non-slip, non-marring, and anti-static.

LexPoint Group is an authorized distributor of the GrypMat. Please call or email for information and pricing: 330-715-0083;

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